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The combination recommended oil / food is only indicative, it will be to your taste to direct you to the best varieties that will enhance your dishes. On every table in the house and the restaurant there should be the "paper of the oils" as has been the case in the best restaurants with the wine list, of water, coffee and even sugar. Miss a condiment may mean ruin a dish!

The packages and prices refer to 3 varieties of organic extra virgin olive oil produced on the farm.

Single variety of Ogliarola Organic Salento (exclusively of old plants) golden yellow color medium fruity with delicate green reflections, clear, the nose is strong and broad with fruity scents of ripe banana and white apple, which are associated with balsamic tones of basil and parsley the taste is enveloping and and vegetable rich in notes of chicory, lettuce and almond closing. Bitterness is distinct and spicy mind (review from "FLOS OLEI, Guide to the Best Extra Virgin of the World ").
Recommended raw a bit 'of all the dishes, and even if well-dosed on fish and delicate dishes. When ripe is also indicated for frying and cooking in general.

Monovarietale Organic Coratina, medium intensely fruity oil firm and large, clean and floral with notes of green olive and herbs. The flavor is full and spicy and bitter and beautiful persistence; particular scents of aromatic fresh herbs, artichoke, chicory and almonds that are offset at the mouth, where you also hear a note of chicory and wild rocket. Pleasantly bitter feelings take precedence over the spicy (review from "Gambero Rosso, the best extra virgin oils in Italy").
Recommended raw on bread, all kinds of vegetables in any recipe, on boiled vegetables especially green beans and garlic bread. Not recommended for frying and cooking (food loses identity and smells of Coratina).

Lemon dressing

The company also produces a conventional oil flavored with lemon and lime with fruit from the company's citrus grove. This dressing is recommended mainly on raw fish, seafood salads or vegetables. Some customers like to dress boiled vegetables and roasts.


At the request of many families, this year the company decided to produce an oil genuine, certified organic, to be used in cooking for fried, fried and so on. it is already available virgin olive Ogliarola Salento 100% by secular plants, light fruity, sweet with hints of almond and ripe olives.

The virgin organic olive oil, is obtained from harvested olives, falls for natural fruit drop, with the aid of networks. This will cut down the very high stripping costs.


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