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Guided tours

L 'ancient farm Brancati is located in Ostuni equidistant from the city center and the sea about 5 Km. And' the heart of a 'farm of about 30 hectares where it produces extra virgin organic olive oil of superior quality from the monumental plants of ancient olive trees.
The farm is very old and still keeps intact the testimonies of the people that have lived and with the 'help of the owner or specialized guides, you can visit it and make together a magical journey through time to discover the' evolution took place in the rural culture and frantoiana from Roman times to today.
The visit begins in the Hypogeum crusher probable Roman times with millstone, tanks, fireplace, stables and Olivario. The tour continues by visiting:
- First group epigeo, dating back to the 'eleventh century, which includes more than the house, the barn and the barn, even a small rare team remained intact;
- Home of the farmer dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries;
- The nucleus of the mid '700 with Church with stone altar, with accommodation of the shepherds, sheep barn, stables and oven;
Modern -frantoio built in 1880 with attached hell, tank, housing for workers going into the small Museum of Rural Life and Frantoiana;
- Garage built in 1940 for the housing and repairs of the Table and the first tractors. Today in this room, which still retains the trapdoor where the mechanic down for repairs, you can taste and buy the 'exceptional olive oil produced on the farm.


     Masseria Brancati
     contrada Brancati
     72017 Ostuni (Br)
     tel. +39 377 3577188